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SaudiTenders Affiliate Program

SaudiTenders affiliate program provides a great opportunity to take advantage of any unsold advertising space on your web site. You rotate our banners as much or as little as you wish. Each time a user clicks on the banner and signs up as a Member with SaudiTenders, you get paid!

SaudiTenders offer 10% Commission on the affiliate program. You can sign up as an affiliate at no cost, and display SaudiTenders adverts on your website. We will provide a unique affiliate tracking ID that ensures you will always get your commission from your referrals.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How Often Do I Get Paid? Payments for the affiliate program are made on quarterly basis.
How Are Purchases Tracked? We provide a special link for the ads which identify your site. Each time a user clicks on the banner, our system identifies the referring site (Your site). When the user signs up as a member, your site is recorded as the referring site and credited for the order. You are entered into SauidiTenders as an advertiser and will be able to login and view your statistics in real-time 24 X 7. A cookie is placed on the visitors computer for a period of 1 month. Therefore, even if he does not signs up for the first time and he come to our site within a month you will still be credited for the sale.
What are the minimum banner impression I must show? There are no minimum banner requirements. If you show none of our ads, you make zero dollars. The more you show, the greater your chances of earning commission.
Can I view Daily Statistics summarising my earnings? Yes, you can login at any time and view real-time report.
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