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Samples of Project & Tender Information
We provide you with complete up-to-date details including project name, description, client, posting and closing date, tender cost, budget, consultant, successful contractors and other helpful remarks.

The information available is continuously being updated and new Projects, Tenders and Enquiries are added on a daily basis. Currently we have more than 16,400 Projects and Tenders in our Database.

Sample #1   -   New Project
For any further assistance from SaudiTenders on this project/tender, please quote our reference number : ZPR049-SA
Project Name Jubail Polyacetal Plant Project
Territory Saudi Arabia
Client Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC)

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract to build a polyacetal plant with capacity of 50,000 tonnes a year (t/y) in Jubail.

Budget ($)


Tender Cost ($)

Post Date April 21, 2010 
Invitation Date  
Closing Date November 28, 2012 


Status Current Project 
Updated On : September 21, 2016 
Construction is still ongoing. Project completion is expected by December 2016

Updated On : June 22, 2016 
Testing and commissioning works are in progress. The project will be completed as per schedule. 

Updated On : April 18, 2016 
Construction is underway and expected to be completed by August 2016

Updated On : October 1, 2015 
Construction works are in progress. The plant is due to commence trial operations during second quarter of 2016 and slowly build towards full production in the fourth quarter of 2016. 

Updated On : September 11, 2014 
Zamil Structural Steel Company Ltd., a subsidiary of Zamil Industrial Investment Company (Zamil Industries), has recently been awarded a contract worth an estimated $10.5 million by the main contractor to supply pipe racks and equipment-support structures for this project. According to the terms of contract, Zamil Structural Steel Company will fabricate and supply over 4,500 tons of pipe racks, equipment-support structures and other steel products for the polyoxymethylene (POM) plant. 

Updated On : April 20, 2014 
Construction works have commenced on this development. 

Updated On : February 17, 2014 
Design works are in progress. Construction is expected to commence before the end of the first quarter of 2014

Updated On : September 18, 2013 
Client has started to approach banks to finance this scheme. The deal is expected to be funded in Saudi Riyals by local banks. 

Updated On : July 30, 2013 
Spain's Intecsa Industrial and Dragados Industrial have been awarded the EPC contracts on this project. 

Updated On : June 18, 2013 
It is understood that the client has not yet made any decision regarding the award of EPC contract on this scheme. 

Updated On : December 3, 2012 
Five international engineering firms have submitted bids for the EPC contract. They include Spain's Dragados, China National Chemical Engineering Company, Taiwan's CTCI, South Korea's Hanwha Engineering and SK Engineering & Construction

Updated On : October 29, 2012 
Client has extended the deadline to submit bids for the EPC contract from the previous deadline of October 24, 2012

Updated On : August 21, 2012 
Client has set a deadline and invited contractors from Spain, China, Taiwan and South Korea to submit bids for the EPC contract. Prospective bidders include China National Chemical Engineering Company, Taiwan's CTCI, Spain's Dragados, South Korea's Daelim Industrial, SK Engineering and Hanwha Engineering

Updated On : February 6, 2012 
It is understood that Ibn Sina has started pre-qualification process for the right to bid for EPC contract on this project. It plans to short-list prospective bidders in March 2012 before releasing the tender in April 2012. Bids are expected to be submitted by July 2012, with an award anticipated in September or October 2012. Contractors looking to submit pre-qualification documents include, Taiwan’s CTCI Corporation; South Korea’s Daelim Industrial, GS Engineering & Construction, Hyundai Engineering & Construction, Samsung Engineering; India’s Larsen & Toubro; Italy’s Saipem; and France’s Technip

This project will be located in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. The scheme is being implemented by National Methanol Company (Ibn Sina), which is a joint venture between Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), US' Celanese and Duke Energy. The plant will comprise 50 metric tone per year of Polyoxymethylene (POM) with the following units:
- Formaldehyde Unit
- Trioxane Unit
- Polymerization Unit
- Compounding Unit
- Storage Tank Farm
- Utilities, Auxiliaries & Off-sites
- Tie-in Racks & Interconnection.
Polyacetal is a performance chemical product used in the automotive industry. The scheme is currently under planning stage.
Contact Person: Mr. Mahmoud Al Onaizi (Projects Manager).
Tel. No. (+966-3) 340 5563. 

FEED Consultant WorleyParsons Arabia Ltd. (Saudi Arabia)
Main ContractorIntecsa Ingenieria Industrial S.A. (Spain)
MEP ContractorSinopec Corporation (China)
Specialist ContractorZamil Steel Industries (Saudi Arabia)
Main Contractor(2)Dragados Gulf Construction Company (Saudi Arabia)
Tender Categories Industrial & Special Projects

Sample #2   -   Current Project
For any further assistance from SaudiTenders on this project/tender, please quote our reference number : MPP2092-SA
Project Name Jeddah Tower Project
Territory Saudi Arabia
Client Kingdom Holding Company (Saudi Arabia)

Construction of one-kilometre-high Jeddah Tower comprising (252) floors, a 97,000 square metre retail mall and underground garages for more than 4,700 cars.

Budget ($)


Tender Cost ($)

Post Date June 10, 2011 
Invitation Date  
Closing Date May 2, 2011 


Status Current Project 
Updated On : February 15, 2017 
Concrete works have reached until 49th level of the tower. 

Updated On : October 17, 2016 
44th level concrete works are in progress. 

Updated On : July 28, 2016 
Concrete precast and electrical works have commenced along with structure. 

Updated On : June 9, 2016 
42nd level core structure is in progress. 

Updated On : May 17, 2016 
The construction team working on this project has completed the podium structure and reached the 40th vertical floor. The developer is looking to get back up to speed after funding issues with contractor Saudi Binladin Group caused delays. The tower is now due for completion by end of 2019, 12 months later than originally planned. The final height of this tower would not be revealed until six months before its completion, when the size of the spire at the top will also be revealed. 

Updated On : March 27, 2016 
37th level core structure is in progress on this tower. 

Updated On : February 28, 2016 
35th level form works are in progress. 

Updated On : November 30, 2015 
Jeddah Economic Company and Local Alinma Investment have established a $2.24 billion fund that will be used to finance the completion of the tower. The Alinma Jeddah Economic City Fund is a Shari-compliant fund that will operate under the Saudi Arabian Capital Market Authority (CMA). Alinma Bank will finance the fund that will be managed by Alinma Investment. It is understood that construction works have reached upto 26th level of the tower. 

Updated On : October 19, 2015 
It is understood that the main contractor, Saudi Binladin Group, is using Schwing Stetter equipment to provide the concrete for this tower, as it rises towards its eventual height of more than 1,000 meters. The contractor is employing two dedicated on-site Stetter HN 3.0 batching plants to produce the concrete necessary for this mega project in order to avoid potential delays in concrete supply. Meanwhile, (4 Nos.) Schwing SP 8800 D stationary pumps with 450kW in engine power each and a maximum feed pressure of up to 243 bar are available for high-rise pumping of the concrete. As the project's height tests the limits of current pumping technology, a further concrete pump will be installed at a height of 400 meters to continue the transport of concrete up to the higher floors. For placing the concrete, Saudi Binladin Group is using five Schwing concrete placing booms (SPB), with three SPB 35 and two SPB 30 booms, for placing the mix up to a height of over 950 meters. A high-performance, self-compacting concrete (SCC) C85 is being used for the first and second construction phases up to a height of approximately 400 meters, while for the third phase, continuing on to 675 meters, a similar high-performance concrete will be used but with a lower compressive strength. A comprehensive pumping trial was required on site prior to the start of the project to optimize the concrete mixture, because the existing models were not reliable for the project's scale. 

Updated On : October 14, 2015 
22nd level structural works are in progress. 

Updated On : August 30, 2015 
21st level structural work is underway. 

Updated On : July 20, 2015 
19th floor structural work is in progress. 

Updated On : May 25, 2015 
Saudi Arabia-based FM consultancy DTZ has been awarded a facilities management consultancy contract on this scheme. DTZ's commission will be conducted in four phases. The first phase will consist of a FM design review and followed with the development and incorporation of a fit-out strategy, as part of the second phase. The third and final phase will respectively comprise development of an operational FM delivery strategy, as well as the outline of tendering and evaluation requirements of potential FM service providers. 

Updated On : May 11, 2015 
KONE has initiated the first stage of elevator and escalator installations at this tower. The Finnish lift firm is currently fitting elevator guide-rails. This work, as well as the eventual installation of the KONE elevator cars, will then progress as the tower's central structure rises over the coming years. Once the guide-rails have been fitted, the installation of elevator system itself can begin. KONE expects to reach this point before the end of 2016. The project will have world's fastest double-deck elevators with travel speed of over 10 m/s. For a building with such unprecedented height, KONE will deliver the world's fastest and highest DoubleDeck elevators, supported by its UltraRope technology, as well as the latest People Flow Intelligence systems. The design for UltraRope was pioneered at a research facility close to the town of Tytyri, which includes the world's tallest elevator test tower. 

Updated On : May 5, 2015 
15th level form work is currently underway. 

Updated On : March 31, 2015 
The tower is expected to have 252 floors with occupied floors being 167. It’s a mixed-use development with 7 floors for offices, 7 floors for hotel, 11 floor of service apartments and different grades of housing all the way to the observatory tower. The tower will comprise more than 500,000 m2 of floor space and feature a Four Seasons Hotel, Four Seasons furnished apartments, first-class office space and luxury condominiums. The actual tower starts at +20 metres above ground level, led there by a ramp and podium around the tower. The largest floor in the tower is 85,000 m2 consisting of a car park to service 2200 cars. The tower will have 59 elevators, including four double decker and 2 triple-decker elevators. The tower uses tinted glass and takes advantage of new energy conservation technology that features a high-performance exterior wall system that will minimize energy consumption by reducing thermal loads. Six cranes used to build the massive structure will withstand harsh meteorological conditions, especially winds. 

Updated On : March 30, 2015 
9th level structural work is currently in progress. 

Updated On : February 10, 2015 
8th level structural work is currently in progress. 

Updated On : December 29, 2014 
BC Conduit, an affiliate of local Bahra Cables Company, has been qualified to be among the companies competing to supply UPVC conduits for electrical installations in this tower. The UPVC conduits used for electrical installations are made of polyvinyl chloride (UPVC). 

Updated On : November 30, 2014 
German construction equipment manufacturer Liebherr has been awarded a contract to provide four tower cranes to facilitate construction on this scheme. Four luffing jib cranes are to be used for the build: three Liebherr 280 HC-L 16/28 models, and one 357 HC-L 18/32 unit. Current plans involve jib lengths of between 40 meters and 45 meters. The required lifting capacities vary between 11 tonnes and 12 tonnes at a radius of 35 meters. Operational support will be provided to the contractor via Liebherr Tower Crane Solutions. Liebherr will supply four of the six luffing jib cranes that are to be used during the building's construction. The 280 HC-L cranes will build Kingdom Tower's side wings. The units will be anchored to the outside of the building, and will reach hook heights of approximately 400 meters. The Liebherr 357 HC-l model has been selected to place the top on the building at a height of around 1,000 meters. In order to reach the required heights, the Liebherr units will have to move upwards in several stages. To this end, the cranes will be positioned on the sky terrace of the building, or on various cantilever platforms mounted on the exterior. The tower cranes will erect and dismantle one another. Kingdom Tower will boast the highest visitor viewing platform at a height of 630 meters. The project is scheduled for completion in December 2018

Updated On : November 5, 2014 
3rd floor structural work is currently underway. Construction is picking up pace and is on schedule, with the 6th floor to be ready by the end of 2014

Updated On : September 18, 2014 
It is understood that this project has employed the services of the world's tallest construction crane. Construction of the skyscraper is being assisted by custom-built cranes from Germany's Liebherr & WolffKran. Known as climbing cranes, the lifting devices are designed to accompany the tower's growth both externally and internally, in the latter case utilizing any of the building 65 interior elevator shafts to make the climb. Largest of the six cranes, Liebherr type 357 HC-L, can lift up to 18 tons at a speed of 44 meters/minute with heights to parallel that of the tower. The cranes are attached to the body of the building but sits atop a phenomenally narrow tower support of only 2.4 meters x 2.45 meters. With the tower's foundation now in place, vertical, above-ground construction has commenced. Plans call for the first ten floors to be completed by the end of this year. 

Updated On : June 8, 2014 
Elevator company KONE has been awarded a contract to provide lifts and escalators for this tower. The building will be equipped with (65) KONE elevators and escalators. A key to this deal was KONE's new UltraRope hoisting technology. This technology will enable elevator travel heights of one kilometer - twice the distance currently feasible. According to KONE, it is able to reduce the weight of lift ropes by around 90% with its new technology. The carbon fibers are both stronger and lighter than steel and have great tensile strength, meaning they are hard to break when their ends are pulled. 

Updated On : May 12, 2014 
Jeddah Economic Company is expected to raise about $1 billion to help fund the scheme. Contractors working on the tower expected to complete raft foundation by August 2014

Updated On : April 24, 2014 
Raft piling works for this tower have been completed. It took 12 months for the foundation work to finish, clearing the way for construction works to commence on site next week. Raft is considered one of the world's largest one-piece reinforced steel foundations with thickness ranging between 4.5-5 meters. Both piles and raft are supported with anti-corrosion technologies to preserve the steel reinforcement using a constant electric current system known as the Cathodic Protection. In addition, strain gauge instrumentation and load cells have been built-in to detect any changes in the soil and provide continuous readings about any environmental changes to the area around the foundations. Finally, earthing and lightning prevention systems have been installed into the raft piling foundation. Jeddah Economic Company achieved new world records using latest technologies for high-rise buildings' foundations construction - 270 piles have been cast in situ reaching 105 meters below the natural ground level and with diameter that varies between 1.5-1.8 meters. 

Updated On : April 21, 2014 
It is understood that construction work on this project is set to commence next week. The tower will take five years to construct and is expected to use half a million cubic meters of conctete and around 80,000 tonnes of steel. 

Updated On : April 13, 2014 
Fugro Middle East has recently completed the detailed ground investigations and specialist foundations testing for this tower. 

Updated On : April 10, 2014 
Local Arabian Bemco Contracting, through its affiliate company INMA Contracting, has been awarded a contract to carry out Electro-Mechanical works in this development. 

Updated On : March 26, 2014 
It is understood that construction work on this project is set to commence on April 27, 2014. The tower s slated to reach completion over a timescale of (63) months. 

Updated On : February 17, 2014 
Advanced Construction Technology Services (ACTS) has been awarded a contract to carry out the quality control of all construction materials that will be used in this project. ACTS will be mobilizing latest testing equipment and expert professionals to do the third party testing works on about half a million cubic metres of concrete and around 80,000 tonnes of steel to be used on the mega project. ACTS will also deploy special equipment to evaluate the rheological properties of concrete to ensure concrete will be pumpable to very high elevators. Deploying around 100 expert staff members, ACTS will install a fully-equipped site laboratory, which will carry the day-to-day quality control operations and also provide specialized testing services from its laboratory facility in Briman area of Jeddah, which is one of the largest testing facilities in the Middle East. 

Updated On : February 13, 2014 
It is understood that Saudi Bauer Foundation Contractors has completed construction of the foundation for this project. Saudi Bauer installed extremely long piles for the foundations. Work involved sinking 72 piles measuring 1.5 meter in diameter to a depth of 110 meters, (154 Nos.) 1.5-meter-diameter piles to depths of 49 and 89 meters and (44 Nos.) 1.8-meter-diameter piles to a depth of 50 meters - a total of 270 piles. Drilling was carried out using BG series rigs produced by sister company Bauer Maschinen. The long piles were installed using two modified Bauer BG 40 rotary drilling rigs specially configured for long Kelly piles. 

Updated On : December 8, 2013 
It is understood that the piling works have been completed on this scheme. 

Updated On : November 6, 2013 
The joint venture of UK-based EC Harris/Mace has confirmed that it has signed the project management contract (PMC) to oversee this development. The contract is worth $43 million. 

Updated On : June 19, 2013 
It is understood that piling and foundation work is under completion ahead of the main construction work begins on the site. 

Updated On : February 24, 2013 
A joint venture UK-based EC Harris/ Mace has been selected for the project management consultancy contract on this scheme. A formal award is expected later in the year. 

Updated On : February 12, 2013 
Jeddah Economic Company is still evaluating proposals for the project management consultancy contract on this scheme. US' Calthorpe Associates has been appointed as the lead master-planner for the tower, while UK-based architectural and design firm Godwin Austen Johnson (GAJ) has been appointed as the urban architect. 

Updated On : November 6, 2012 
Saudi Bauer has been awarded a $41 million contract to carry out piling works for this project. The company was selected based on its expertise and renowned worldwide specialisation in this field. 

Updated On : August 22, 2012 
US-based Landtech Design has been awarded a contract to work on the irrigation system in this project. The contract was awarded by US architect Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture. Landtech Design will act as the landscape irrigation design consultant and use sustainable irrigation technology to design the Kingdom Tower system. Water harvesting efforts will collect rainwater and condensate from the building to supply water for irrigating the grounds' 8.5 acres of green space. The condensation will be collected as the building's air conditioners extract water from the humid Red Sea air and directs it into a large cistern near the base of the building. The irrigation system will include technologies such as UV sanitation, a fertilizer injection system, ET/weather-based sensors, and a central control system that will allow the entire operation to be controlled remotely. 

Updated On : April 22, 2012 
A meeting held with the group of (8) local banks, which took place around April 15, 2012, involved the discussion of a $5-billion loan that would be used to finance the development. Financing for the first phase could be launched as early as in the third quarter of 2012

Updated On : April 12, 2012 
Client is set to hold a meeting with banks on April 15, 2012 to discuss financing of the project. The meeting will take place in Riyadh with France’s BNP Paribas, which is acting as the financial adviser on this scheme and with a group of local banks. Few details of the financing plan for the tower have been revealed to banks and meeting is expected to be just an initial market sounding for interest in funding the building rather than presenting a specific financing request. 

Updated On : February 22, 2012 
It is understood that the Jeddah Mayoralty has given its approval and issued a license for constructing this tower. The permit has been received by Jeddah Economic Company, which is an affiliate of the client. The project is expected to be completed in (63) months. 

Updated On : November 15, 2011 
It is understood that construction work on this project will commence in January 2012

Updated On : October 6, 2011 
Canadian engineering company RWDI is providing wind analysis for this tower. The company has been working alongside architects AS+GG Architects to ensure wind loading and motion is kept within tolerable limits for the building and its occupants. RWDI's work as wind engineering consultant is to provide the rest of the design team with design information, including structural wind loads. It will also get involved in predictions of wind-induced motions on the building, and determine if the level of motion as such that occupants in the building will still have a level of comfort. 

Updated On : September 1, 2011 
Germany's Bauer Spezialtiefbau GmbH is carrying out foundation work on this tower. It is expected to handle the drilling of the bores to a depth of 50 metre-plus. 

Updated On : August 28, 2011 
US' Environmental Systems Design (ESD), the MEP consultant for this tower is playing an integral role in ensuring that the project is both energy-efficient and minimises potential problems such as stack effect. With a three-legged footprint similar to that of the Burj Khalifa, this tower is designed and orientated in such a way that its facades align from northeast and northwest, thereby avoiding the harsh morning and afternoon sunlight. ESD has worked with the architectural team on the high-performance aspects of the facade itself, from wall design to glass performance, looking to reduce the solar gains from the project. As part of its work to ensure optimum system performance, ESD also worked with architect Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill and structural engineers Thornton Tomasetti on wind and airflow studies around the building to make sure they were not adversely influencing system operations. This tower will also be designed to collect and funnel condensate water from the building's air-conditioning systems, using them for irrigation and other purposes within the building. Efficient water fixtures would also be installed and used on the project, thereby minimising water use. 

Updated On : August 18, 2011 
Further details have been revealed about this project. It is understood that the tower would be at least 3,280-feet (1,000 metres) tall and about 50 storeys taller than the Burj Khalifa. The building will have three sky lobbies, with the most prominent situated at the 157th floor. The viewing platform disc that juts out from the side of the building was originally designed as a helipad and is 25 metres across. According to the architect, Adrian Smith & Gordon Gill, one of the limiting factors in skyscraper design was elevator design. At present, the elevators can reach a maximum height of 550-570 metres - due, primarily, to the weight on the cable and the load placed on motors that were currently available. As it stands, the elevators don't quite reach the highest occupied level of the tower, so a second tier of elevators has been designed in to the building. US-based Langan International has designed the tower foundation to overcome challenging sub-surface conditions consisting of very weak rock and highly permeable coral rock, which impacted pile capacities and settlement, among other critical design issues. Important geo-technical aspects of the project included a sophisticated sub-surface investigation using specialised field and laboratory testing, an advanced pile and barrette testing program, and a site-specific seismic hazard analysis. As part of the design team, Langan is providing multiple engineering services, namely geo-technical, site/civil, traffic and parking planning. With regard to site/civil engineering, Langan is managing multiple challenges, ranging from locating and orienting a tower in the centre of a planned city to storm-water designs that will mitigate flooding. Part of the overall storm-water management system designed by Langan will eventually collect, detain and discharge rainwater into a massive reflection pond at the base of the tower. Langan will also support the transformation of the conceptual master plan into construction-level documents, complete with roadway elevations, defined property boundaries, sub-surface utility layouts and storm-water detention requirements. Langan has also provided recommendations on the internal circulation patterns to the garages in this tower, the layout of spaces inside the garages, and the design and orientation of helixes. 

Updated On : August 10, 2011 
US' Environmental Systems Design (ESD) has been awarded a contract to design the building system for this tower. The contract, which was won following a highly competitive tendering process, will see ESD design energy-efficient building systems, organised vertically in accordance with occupancy. ESD is also providing MEP and fire protection engineering along with delivering integrated consulting services for tele-data, audio/visual, security and acoustics. 

Updated On : August 8, 2011 
US-based architect Smith+Gill has been awarded a formal contract to design this tower. 

Updated On : August 3, 2011 
Saudi Binladin Group has been awarded the main contract worth $1.2 billion to build this tower.
Site Tel: (+966-12) 6165680. 

Updated On : May 22, 2011 
The project is still on hold. 

Updated On : April 27, 2011 
It is understood that local Saudi Binladin Group is expected to win the main contract to build this tower. 

Updated On : April 13, 2011 
Client has approved the plan to build this tower. 

Updated On : October 17, 2010 
It is understood that the project has been put on hold. 

Updated On : September 12, 2010 
At least two contracting groups submitted revised bids in early September 2010 for the main construction contract. They include local El-Seif Engineering & Contracting, with Belgium's Six Construct; and local Saudi Binladin Group. An award is expected before the end of September 2010. Bidders were asked to update their prices because the tower's designs are now more complete, which means contractors can submit more accurate cost estimates. Dubai-based Emaar Properties is managing the development on behalf of the client. 

Updated On : May 13, 2010 
At least three contracting groups have submitted revised bids for the main contract. They include local El-Seif Engineering & Contracting and Belgium's Six Construct; local Saudi Binladin Group; and local Saudi Oger. The client had originally asked contractors to submit their final lump sum prices in March 2010. An award is expected soon. 

Updated On : April 10, 2010 
Contractors are preparing to submit bids for the main construction contract. Bidders include South Korea's Samsung Corporation, with Dubai-based Arabtec Construction; local El-Seif Engineering & Contracting and Belgium's Six Construct; local Saudi Oger; and local Saudi Binladin Group

Updated On : April 1, 2010 
Client has set a deadline for submission of bids for the main construction contract. 

Updated On : March 21, 2010 
Client has selected US-based Adrian Smith & Gordon Gill Architecture as the architect on this scheme. A formal contract has not yet been finalised. With an architect on board, the client has asked contractors to submit revised bids for the main contract. Dubai-based Emaar Properties is managing the development of this tower. 

Updated On : January 11, 2010 
A fourth contracting group has joined the three contracting groups that were short-listed by the client. It is a joint venture of local El-Seif Engineering & Contracting and Belgium's Six Construct. Bidders had originally expected an award to be made last year, but the developer now wants to consider proposals from other contracting groups that may be able to offer a lower price. Only 2 firms are in the race for the architectural consultancy contract. They are the Chicago office of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill and US-based Adrian Smith & Gordon Gill Architecture. US-based architects Pickard Chilton, in partnership with UK-based Hyder Consulting has dropped out of the contest. An award is expected in February 2010

Updated On : October 21, 2009 
The project is awaiting initial approval from Jeddah Municipality to commence construction work. 

Updated On : September 26, 2009 
Client has short-listed three architects to prepare the concept design for this planned tower. The groups are US' Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, Adrian Smith & Gordon Gill Architecture and US-based Pickard Chilton in partnership with UK-based Hyder Consulting. Client has also short-listed three contracting groups for a deal to complete the design and build the tower. They are South Korea's Samsung Corporation, with Dubai-based Arabtec Construction; Australia's Multiplex; and Saudi Binladin Group. As the contract will be awarded on a design and build basis, the client needs to involve the short-listed contractors earlier than usual since the winning contractor needs to work with the architect on the design of this tower before it begins construction. 

Updated On : July 21, 2009 
Design work is still ongoing. 

Updated On : February 10, 2009 
It is understood that the consultant is still working on design. 

Updated On : October 16, 2008 
US' Booz Allen Hamilton has been appointed as general adviser on this project. Tender documents for the main contract are expected to be issued by December 2008

Updated On : May 19, 2008 
It is understood that the height of this tower is likely to be significantly shorter than originally conceived. Tenders for the main construction contract are expected to be issued in July 2008. Local Omrania, in collaboration with US' Pickard Chilton, has worked on the design of this tower. 

Updated On : February 28, 2008 
Tenders for major construction packages on this scheme will be launched in the first half of this year. The tenders will follow a final investment decision on the project. It is understood that UK's Hyder Consulting is working in a joint venture with Arup, also of UK, as engineer on this scheme. Saudi firm Omrania is the architect and US' Bechtel is the construction manager. 

This project will be located in Obhur, just outside of the port city Jeddah. On completion, this tower is expected to replace the 828-metre Burj Khalifa, formerly Burj Dubai, as the world's tallest building. The building will have 12 million cubic feet of space for offices, a hotel and residential units. Its floor area will be a staggering 38 million square feet. The height will take an elevator 12 minutes to get to the top. The complex will contain (59) elevators, including five double-deck elevators. An 8.9-square-mile city will also be built around this tower, which can accommodate 80,000 people and an additional one million visitors.
Client Contact: Mr. Talal Al Miman (Project In-Charge)

Specialist ConsultantHyder Consulting Middle East Ltd. (Abu Dhabi)
Main Architect-2Godwin Austen Johnson Architects (GAJ) - UK
Design ConsultantOmrania & Associates Architecture & Engg. Consultants (Saudi Arabia)
Facilities Management ConsultantDTZ Middle East (Saudi Arabia)
Project ManagerBechtel (Saudi Arabia)
Financial ConsultantBNP Paribas (France)
Specialist Consultant-2Arup (UK)
Structural ConsultantThornton-Tomasetti Engineers (USA)
Specialist Consultant-3Booz Allen & Hamilton (USA)
Design Consultant-2Pickard Chilton Architects (USA)
Master Plan ConsultantCalthorpe Associates (USA)
Main ArchitectAdrian Smith & Gordon Gill Architecture LLP (USA)
MEP ConsultantEnvironmental Systems Design Inc. (USA)
Elevator ConsultantFortune Shepler Sailing Inc. (USA)
Lighting ConsultantLight Cibles (France)
Fire Protection/Life Safety ConsultantAon Fire Protection Engineering (USA)
Quantity SurveyorOmnium International (Saudi Arabia)
Wind Engineering ConsultantAlan G. Davenport Wind Engineering Group (UK)
Facade Consulting EngineerALT Limited (Philippines)
Lighting Consultant-2Prisme International (Dubai)
Fire, Safety & Security ConsultantJensen Hughes (Dubai)
Project Manager-3EC Harris (Saudi Arabia)
Project Manager-2Mace Group (Saudi Arabia)
Design Consultant-3Langan International (USA)
Wind SurveyorRWDI Middle East (Abu Dhabi)
Landscaping ConsultantLandtech Design (USA)
Building Information Model (BIM) ConsultantIntec Infra-Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (India)
Specialist Consultant-4Advanced Construction Technology Services (ACTS) - Saudi Arabia
Main ContractorSaudi Binladin Group (Saudi Arabia)
Specialist ContractorAttieh Steel Ltd. (Saudi Arabia)
Cement & Concrete Products SupplierSchwing Stetter Ltd. (UK)
Elevators/Lifts SupplierKone Areeco Ltd. (Saudi Arabia)
Crane SupplierLiebherr Company Ltd. (Saudi Arabia)
Foundations/Enabling/Piling ContractorSaudi Bauer Foundation Contractors Ltd. (Saudi Arabia)
Electrical Products SupplierJohnson Controls (Al Salem York Services) - Saudi Arabia
Audio-Visual Equipment SupplierVDA Middle East FZ LLC (Dubai)
Insulation Materials SupplierBahra Advanced Cable Manufacturing Company Ltd. (Saudi Arabia)
Electromechanical ContractorArabian Bemco Contracting Company Ltd. (Saudi Arabia)
Earthmoving & Heavy Duty Equipment SupplierRawlplug Ltd. (UK)
Tender Categories Leisure & Entertainment
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Sample #3   -   Current Project
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Project Name Wasit Gas Development Project
Territory Saudi Arabia
Client Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco)

Development of Wasit gas for the production and processing of 2.6 billion cubic feet a day from Arabiyah and Hasbah offshore non-associated gas fields.

Budget ($)


Tender Cost ($)

Post Date September 23, 2009 
Invitation Date  
Closing Date December 7, 2010 


Status Completed Project 
Updated On : September 21, 2015 
Client has almost finished construction of this giant gas project, but is processing gas from the Karan gas field and not from the offshore fields designated to feed the gas plant. It is understood that the plant is not expected to start processing non-associated gas, which contains no oil, from offshore sour gas fields Arabiyah and Hasbah before end of the year due to technical difficulties. 

Updated On : April 20, 2015 
Client has commenced testing parts of this scheme, raising hopes it could begin part operations this summer. Construction of the main gas plant is almost complete. However, while flare and boilers are operating, boilers are currently operating, the plant won't be fully operational before the end of this year or first quarter of 2016

Updated On : February 18, 2015 
Client has celebrated record-breaking heavy lift operation on this project. An installation of the Hasbah tie-in platform (TP) was completed by the heavy lift barge Lan Jing using a 7,500-tonne crane, carrying 5,000 tonnes of weight - a milestone achievement for the client's heavy lift operations. The new TP was installed as part of the ongoing work to complete the Arabiyah-Hasbah Offshore Gas Field Project. An intermediate injection platform was also installed. Construction of the 4,600-tonne Arabiyah field tie-in platform and the 1,800-tonne intermediate injection platform has now been completed. 

Updated On : October 28, 2014 
Client has announced that this project is expected to partially start-up in the first quarter of 2015 despite some difficulties linked to construction. The plant is expected to supply 1.75 billion cubic feet per day of sales gas and could potentially produce up to 3.05 billion cubic feet per day to meet peak summer demand. 

Updated On : September 4, 2014 
Construction is ongoing for all packages in this development. 

Updated On : November 26, 2013 
It is understood that construction work is underway for all packages. Onshore packages and industrial support facilities package are expected to be completed in April 2014

Updated On : November 18, 2012 
It is understood that construction of the onshore packages and the industrial support facilities are underway on this scheme. 

Updated On : August 27, 2012 
Italy’s Saipem has been awarded an estimated $300-million EPC contract to build pipeline on this scheme. 

Updated On : August 1, 2012 
Italy’s Saipem and India’s Larsen &Toubro have been emerged as the front-runners to win the EPC contract for a portion of pipeline on this scheme. 

Updated On : July 10, 2012 
Client is due to open commercial bids for the EPC contract for a portion of pipeline on this scheme. Technical bids have been opened and commercial bids have to be evaluated before a decision can be made regarding the scheme. Scope of work includes the main truck line that will connect two offshore fields with the onshore facilities. Winning contractor will lay 40-kilometre of the main trunk line with 36-inch diameter pipes cladded with a speciality non-corrosive alloy known as Inconel. Italy’s Saipem is understood to be the favourite to win the contract. 

Updated On : June 3, 2012 
It is understood that site preparations package have completed on this scheme. 

Updated On : May 6, 2012 
It is understood that the project is facing significant delays and the prospect of running $600-million over budget due to issues relating to the density of sulphuric contained in the Arabiyah and Hasbah non- associated gas fields. The project may face delays of at least 12 months, which means a possible completion date of late 2015. Client has invited international oil companies such as UK’s BP and UK-Dutch Shell Group to carry out studies aimed at solving the issue. One potential solution involves injecting cocktail of chemicals into wells to lighten the sulphur. Delays on the offshore facilities have not yet affected the execution of four onshore packages on this scheme. 

Updated On : February 16, 2012 
The site preparation package is expected to be completed in May 2012. Construction works are expected to be completed in December 2013. The gas plant is expected to commence operations in February 2014 marking the completion of this project. 

Updated On : December 26, 2011 
Construction works of offshore facilities are in progress. It is expected to be completed in December 2013

Updated On : December 10, 2011 
It is understood that the construction works of onshore facilities are in progress and expected to be completed in April 2014

Updated On : October 15, 2011 
It is understood that $13 million electrical equipment supply sub-contract has been awarded to local ABB Electrical Industries Company

Updated On : August 20, 2011 
Construction of the offshore facilities has commenced. Local Jubail Energy Services Company has been awarded steel pipeline sub-contract on this scheme. 

Updated On : June 9, 2011 
Local Mohammed Al Mojil, the civil construction company, has been awarded an estimated $200 million contract on this scheme. Mohammed Al Mojil will work with the main contractor. Scope of work includes mechanical and electrical work, civil engineering and the supply of materials over three years. 

Updated On : May 9, 2011 
Site preparations and engineering works are still in progress for the onshore facilities. Construction is expected to commence in November 2011 and completed in February 2014

Updated On : April 12, 2011 
Site preparations and engineering works have commenced on the onshore facilities of this development. 

Updated On : March 8, 2011 
Client has selected Italy's Saipem to carry out the EPC contract for offshore packages on this development.
Contact Person: Mr. Ronald Kevin (Business Development Manager)
Tel: (+966-3) 8117005 ext. 509.
The contract is estimated to be worth $2.1 billion. The Italian contractor has beaten its fellow front-runner, South Korea's Hyundai Heavy Industries, to secure the deal. Both packages have been combined to save on costs. 

Updated On : February 12, 2011 
South Korea's Hyundai Heavy Industries has emerged as front-runner for the offshore packages on this scheme. Hyundai's bid is followed by Singapore's Swiber, US' J Ray McDermott, UAE's National Petroleum Construction Company (NPCC) and Italy's Saipem. Bids are believed to be about $2.4 billion for both packages. 

Updated On : January 30, 2011 
South Korea's SK Engineering & Construction Company has been awarded three lump sum turnkey (LSTK) contracts on this project. The first LSTK contract involves performing EPC work for the inlet and gas facilities. Scope of this package includes building four gas-treating trains, flare and burn pit facilities along with related electrical and control system, including substations and process interface buildings. The second LSTK contract involves performing EPC for the sulphur recovery units (SRU) and utilities. Scope of work for this package includes building four SRUs, sulphur loading facilities, main pipe way, utilities, related electrical and control system, including substations and process interface building. The third LSTK contract involves performing EPC for NGL fractionation. Scope of work for this package includes NGL inlet facilities, NGL fractionation facilities, product treating and storage, LT flare, control systems, including substations and process interface buildings. South Korea's Samsung Engineering has been awarded a LSTK contract to perform EPC of the co-generation and steam generation facilities. Scope of this package includes building (4 Nos.) 150-megawatt co-generation units, three boilers, central control building, and electrical and non-electrical utilities.
Contact Person: Mr. Harison Yoon (Project Manager)
Tel: (+82-2) 3700 7117 ext. 2353. 

Updated On : January 20, 2011 
South Korea's Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Limited (MHI) has been appointed to supply the four sets of its natural gas-fired 150 megawatts (MW) M501F gas turbines and generators. The gas turbines and generators, slated for delivery in 2012. They will serve as the core equipment for the co-generation facility at a gas plant. 

Updated On : December 29, 2010 
Technical and commercial bids have been submitted on December 07, 2010 for the EPC contract covering offshore facilities at Arabiyah. An award is expected in January 2011. Construction is expected to be completed by December 2013. The overall project is expected to commence operations in February 2014

Updated On : November 25, 2010 
Bids have been submitted for the four onshore process packages on this scheme. 11 groups submitted bids for the first three contracts. They include South Korea's Samsung Engineering, SK Engineering & Construction, GS Engineering & Construction; Italy's Saipem; Japan's JGC Corporation, Chiyoda Corporation; France's Technip; Canada's SNC Lavalin, with South Korea's Daelim; Spain's Tecnicas Reunidas; China's China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (Sinopec); and US' KBR. Pre-qualifiers for the fourth contract, covering NGL fractionation column include Samsung, JGC Corporation, Technip, SNC Lavalin, GS Engineering & Construction, SK Engineering & Construction, KBR, South Korea's Hyundai Engineering & Construction and Italy's Snamprogetti. Awards are expected to be made in early 2011

Updated On : November 18, 2010 
Deadline for submission of technical and commercial bids for the EPC contract has been delayed from the previous deadline of November 01, 2010. Client has tendered the rotating equipment for this project and will novate the contract it agrees to the EPC contractor by the end of 2010. The technology firms bidding to supply equipment include Germany's Siemens, US' General Electric (GE) and South Korea's Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction

Updated On : October 24, 2010 
Client has further extended the bid submission deadline for the four onshore packages from the previous deadline of October 24, 2010. The client has specified that this is the final extension. 

Updated On : September 18, 2010 
Local Abdulali Al Ajmi Company has been awarded an estimated $500 million EPC contract to carry out the site preparations package.
Contact Person: Mr. Pradeep Ajmico (Project Manager)
Tel: (+966-3) 5942142
E-mail: prdp_ajmico@hotmail.com 

Updated On : September 5, 2010 
Client has extended the deadline to bid for onshore construction packages from the previous deadline of September 29, 2010

Updated On : August 26, 2010 
The EPC contract for site preparations package is expected to be awarded in mid-September 2010. This package is due to be completed by August 2011

Updated On : August 18, 2010 
UK's Jacobs Engineering has received a contract from Saudi Aramco to develop a basic engineering package for four sulphur recovery units, each with an expected production capacity of 1,200 tonnes per day (tpd). 

Updated On : July 29, 2010 
Client has released bid documents for the two major construction contracts on the offshore portion of this scheme. The EPC packages cover construction of production platforms, pipelines and power cables at the two offshore gas fields. Bid documents have been sent out to pre-qualified contractors and a deadline of November 07, 2010 has been set for technical and commercial proposals. Firms invited to bid include China National Offshore Oil Engineering Corporation, US' Global Industries Limited, South Korea's Hyundai Heavy Industries, UAE's National Petroleum Construction Company and Italy's Saipem. Contract awards are expected before the end of this year. Contractors have been given the option of bidding for one or both of the contracts individually or submitting a single proposal for both projects. The first offshore contract covers construction of seven offshore wellhead production platforms at the Habshan field, which can produce up to 1.3 billion cubic feet a day (cf/d) of gas from the field. The contract includes building (7 Nos.) 12-inch flow-lines linking the platforms with the central facility; a 145-kilometre, 36-inch pipeline linking the platform with Wasit; a 99-kilometre power cable linking the platform with other offshore facilities and a 62-kilometre monoethylene glycol (MEG) pipeline linking the facilities with those at Arabiyah. The second contract involves six wellhead platforms at the Arabiyah field, tied in to central distribution facilities, capable of producing 1.2 billion cf/d of gas. It also includes (6 Nos.) 12-inch flow-lines, a 150-kilometre pipeline linking the facilities with Wasit, a 150-kilometre MEG pipeline between Arabiyah and Wasit, and a 91-kilometre submarine power cable. 

Updated On : June 28, 2010 
Bids have been submitted for the EPC contract to carry out the site preparations package. Bidders include Abdulali Al Ajmi Company, Abdullah Abdul Mohsin Al Khodari Sons Company, Al Ajinah Group, Al Oasis Contracting Company, Al Shalawat, Al Yamama Group, China Harbour Engineering Arabia Company Ltd., Mohammad Al Mojil Group, Nasir Hassa & Brothers and Nesma & Partners Contracting Company Ltd. Client has set a deadline and invited companies to bid for the main construction contracts. Twelve companies have passed the client's qualification process and can bid for each of the four construction packages. The packages are for a gas unit, a co-generation power plant, a sulphur recovery unit with utilities and the final package is for a natural gas liquids (NGL) fractionation plant. An award is expected in January 2011. FEED work for the plant has been completed. 

Updated On : June 5, 2010 
Invitation to bid (ITB) for the EPC contracts is expected to be issued on June 15, 2010. FEED study is expected to be completed by the end of June 2010. Bidders are due to submit technical and commercial proposals for the EPC contracts by September 2010. Awards are anticipated in December 2010

Updated On : May 9, 2010 
Client has invited local companies to submit documents by May 19, 2010 to pre-qualify for the main contracts on this scheme. 

Updated On : March 21, 2010 
Front-end engineering design (FEED) is still in progress. 

This project is in Saudi Arabia. It includes gas processing plants, two offshore gas platforms, one tie-in platform, sub-sea power and communication lines and pipelines, and a co-generation power plant. Once completed in mid-2014, the plant will produce 1.8 billion cubic feet a day of sales gas. This fuel will support electric power generation throughout the Kingdom and rapidly expanding petrochemical and other industries. In addition, the plant will include a new facility to fractionate NGL recovered from Shaybah to be used as feedstock for the petrochemical industry. The new NGL fractionation module will process 240,000 barrels per day of ethane plus NGLs to satisfy growing local customer demand for ethane, propane, butane and natural gasoline.
Contact Person: Ahmad Al Sulaim - Project Manager
Tel No: (+966-13) 862 1510.
Canada’s SNC Lavalin Inc. has been appointed as the FEED consultant & project manager on this scheme. The main tender is expected to be issued by June 2010. Submission of bids for the main contract is expected by September 2010. An award is anticipated in December 2010

Project ManagerSNC-Lavalin (Saudi Arabia)
FEED Consultant SNC-Lavalin (Saudi Arabia)
Engineering ConsultantJacobs Engineering (Saudi Arabia)
Main ContractorSK Engineering & Construction (Saudi Arabia)
Pipes SupplierJubail Energy Services Company (JESCO) - Saudi Arabia
Specialist ContractorMitsubishi Heavy Industries Limited (Saudi Arabia)
Main Contractor(2)Samsung Engineering Saudi Arabia Ltd.
Main Contractor(3)Saudi Arabian Saipem Ltd. (Saudi Arabia)
Main Contractor(4)Abdul Aali Al-Ajmi Company (Saudi Arabia)
Civil Engineering ContractorMohammad Al Mojil Group (Saudi Arabia)
Electrical Products SupplierABB Electrical Industries (Saudi Arabia)
Tender Categories Gas Processing & Distribution
Oilfields & Refineries
Power & Alternative Energy

Sample #4   -   Tender Supply
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Project Name SAP Performance Management Implementation
Territory Saudi Arabia
Client Al Khafji Joint Operations - KJO (Saudi Arabia)

Implementation of SAP performance management for an oil company.

Budget ($)

Tender Cost ($)


Post Date February 6, 2012 
Invitation Date  
Closing Date February 13, 2012 


Status Completed Tenders 

Tender No. GQ091ER12
This tender supply is in Saudi Arabia. Tender documents can be obtained from:
Manager, Contracts Department,
Al-Khafji Joint Operation
Al-Khafji, Saudi Arabia.
Bank guarantee is US$6,000, valid for (120) days. 

Tender Categories Information Technology
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